Astrologers Confident On Prabhas!!



From a long time, Tollywood goes hand in hand with astrology, numerology, and any ‘ology’ that deals with future prediction and excellence. Forget the fact whether it is true or false, but believing in astrology and what astrologers predicted became a regular thing here.

We have the biggest astrological predictions happening right now through some of the unpopular astrologers here in Tollywood who want to lay their own red carpet to sensation and popularity. One such astrologer predicted that the personal life of Prabhas will be peaceful from next two months. After the superior success of Baahubali 2 at the box office, many wanted to predict the future of Prabhas now and drawing his Jathaka Chakram to reveal fascinating stuff.

One such prediction is that planetary positions of Prabhas are quite favourable for his marriage right now. And by March 2018, planets will yield huge pressure on him to get married at any cost. They predicted- “Prabhas will end his bachelor status by March 2018. His planets will see him get married”. On the other hand, Prabhas’ uncle Krishnam Raju has repeated the same old statement, “Prabhas will get married this year, we are busy finding a suitable match for him”.

Some say, Prabhas will get married sometime later or sooner, but astrologers are right now cashing Baahubali craze by keeping their shows centred around the hunk hero. Maybe, may not be!!


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