A Dera Follower Has Committed Suicide After Ram Rahim Snatched His 39 Acre Land And Rs 3 Crore


Source: indiatimes.com

With every passing day, the investigators are finding out details about Dera Sacha Sauda, which reveal stories of horrors and supreme powers enjoyed by Gurmeet Ram Rahim, who is currently in jail after being convicted of raping two of his female followers.

One such case has surfaced where a disciple of  Ram Rahim, Sombir allegedly committed suicide on September 6 in Haryana’s Charkhi Dadri district by jumping into the well located on very land he had donated to Ram Rahim a couple of years ago.


Indiatimes spoke to Sombir’s son Pradeep who said that his father was an ardent follower of Ram Rahim and he took advantage of this devotion and syphoned off a whopping 39 acres of land that Sombir owned and nearly Rs 3 crores in cash.

“We will fight a legal battle to get what we have lost to Ram Rahim and his fake promises. My father is no more and it was the guilt of being fooled that compelled him to give up on his life. We have lost 39 acres of land in total to Ram Rahim apart from cash which roughly accounts to three crores,” told Pradeep who with the help of relatives is ensuring a legal battle against Dera Chief.

It all started in 2012

Ram Raheem

It started in 2012 when Sombir came in touch of Gurmeet Ram Rahim and soon his charisma ran over the wits of Sombir and he became a prey ready to be hunted by Ram Raheem. With his visits increasing at Dera, his fortunes started shrinking. Through he kept going there in the pursuit of happiness.

Donated 12 acres of land for ashram

Dera Chief Ram Rahim is known for fooling his disciples and taking advantage of their devotion for him and that’s exactly what he did with Sombir. Ram Rahim coaxed Sombir to donate 12-acre of his land located in his village and promised that a Dera centre will be established at Balkara village and he will be made the head of it.

However, Ram Rahim did not fulfil his promise. In fact, the family knows alleges that he sold the land donated by Sombir.

The blind fold continued and he spent Rs 3 crores in buying things used by Dera Chief

Sombir waited for years for the centre to come to his village, but it didn’t happen. Meanwhile, he was made to buy menial things used by Dera Chief at a price you wouldn’t even imagine. One throne-type chair, one small chair, one brick which Sombir told was used to the construction of Dera in Sirsa and clothes worn by Dera Chief was sold for crores.



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