Rotten Apples of Spirituality



As religion is the opium of the masses especially in India a new brand of spiritual leaders have emerged on the horizon. There are details of Radhe Maa who instigated dowry harassment followed by Nirmal Baba guilty of fraud and tax evasion. For sometime Swamy Nityanand has been in the news for raping a woman followed by Swami Nand involved in a sex racket.

Lakhs have been the fans of Aasa Ram guilty of land grabbing, sexual assault on a minor with his son Narayan Sai following the footsteps of his father. Even Osho has been guilty of a murder followed by Sai Baba (Bangalore) who would sleep in a room full of yellow metal. Who does not know about Chandraswami-an expert in Tantra Mantra but was raided by Income Tax Dept. Of late so called ‘Sant’ Ram Pal aged 63 has been in the news for caging women and children.

The hot topic of these days is ‘Baba’ Gurmeet Ram Rahim’ Insaan’ who has been found guilty of two rapes, illegal weapons storing and murder. Such was the charisma of black sheep Baba that people like Surjewala, Hooda, Khattar and Shahnawaz Hussain and many others visited him. Gurmeet Ram Rahim was responsible for a major chunk of votes both for the Congress and the BJP. He even helped the party floated by Chautalas’. Despite being a man of foul track record he was given Z Plus security by the Haryana Govt.

Unfortunate were the two Sadhvis whom he considered as his daughters but had to face the seamy side of his personality. Let me be not economical with truth that for ‘Baba’ the bodily integrity of the women didn’t matter. He had the autonomy to choose from the fair sex. An anonymous letter was written to Vajpayee in 2002 by the aggrieved but nothing happened. It is only with the intervention of judiciary that the wheels of justice started moving. For full 15-year the victims fought but ultimately 10-year rigorous imprisonment was slapped yesterday only. ‘Baba’ used to sell 150 brands under MSG nomenclature and more than 16-lakh was his daily income and he enjoyed immunity to pay any income tax. He had not to link his Aadhaar with PAN, Bank Account and Mobile because he had the spiritual power to snoop into everything.

On TV women activists and lawyers cried foul that the Hon’ble Judge has taken a lenient view because ‘Baba’ was a threat to the womanhood. Rioting followed and people looted but ultimately made to confine to their homes by the Govt. Modi would never touch Khattar as both were old buddies Pracharaks for RSS at one point of time. The name of one of Baba’s daughter Honeypreet is in the air to occupy his Gaddi and very soon people would be a bee line towards the new occupant for spiritual nectar.


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