Two Chinese officials have been reportedly sacked for their involvement in different superstitious activities, which include casting spells to help promotions and attending geomancy courses. These were disguised as business trips by the officials, as reported by the Chinese state media.

Members of the ruling Communist Party are reportedly “not supposed to follow any religion in officially atheist China.” With this, the government makes it specifically harsh for officials who were caught practicing “superstitious beliefs.”

According to Xinhua news agency, Tang Yuansong, a former county housing official in Hunan central province, went on five fengshui training courses and kept it under tagged as “investigation tours” which have started in 2008.

Xinhua, noting a statement from the local anti-corruption watchdog office, also added that the session for the course cost 54,000 yuan or approximately $8,038. Tang claimed that these activities were business expenses.

“Tang also earned 5,000 yuan a year for practising fengshui for others,” Xinhua reported. “The other person sacked, also a former county official, had asked others to set up an altar to cast spells and paid 100,000 yuan in tribute each time, with hopes of being promoted.”

The two officials were immediately expelled as members of the ruling of Communist Party. Moreover, they will be further investigated for different suspected criminal acts.

Both officials have not yet released any statements regarding this issue.


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